Friday, July 14, 2017

EARTH HOAX; Having Fun With Maps

So as I move into more modern speculations about the world map I think I'll begin by mentioning my first foray into this topic. Well, my first public foray into the topic anyway. This was a tongue-in-cheek video I uploaded to YouTube in March 2016. I'd been taking an interest in the history of the North Pacific for a while and was beginning to think it possible that maybe something could be amiss - unlikely though that would seem. So I decided to have some fun and play upon the idea that North America and the Asian continent were in fact joined. I pretty much just rehashed what I'd seen in the older maps and mixed it in with the idea that we're living in a Truman Show reality.

I just wanted to throw something out there and see what would happen. Have a little fun, and see if anyone else would have anything interesting to add. At first it only received a trickle of visitors and the odd comment. However, it's now picked up a little and has currently clocked up 1,331 views - 18 likes and 10 dislikes.

(HOAX USA; North America is a Fake Continent)

I even went to the trouble of producing a brand new map for it :)

It took me quite a while.

I also included within the video a genuine anomaly that I think is worth thinking about. Namely the population density of Russia. In the illustration below we can see that most of the Russian population is situated in the west, next to Eastern Europe. The rest of the country is quite sparsely populated.

Now of course there are logical explanations for why this may be. The most obvious, and often touted, is the extreme cold in these regions. Particularly during the winter months. So it's not at all unreasonable that this would be the case. However, it's still always struck me as slightly odd that such a vast underpopulated wilderness could be situated directly to the north of the most populated region on Earth. There are of course over 2 billion people in India and China alone if the figures are correct.

Plus when I've seen pictures of these parts of Russia they look rather beautiful and attractive - though again I'm sure these pictures would have no doubt been taken during the summer months when it's nice and pleasant. Also Russia, being such a huge landmass, has a huge border. I often wonder how they manage to control it. Even a smallish Island like ours, the UK, struggles to manage immigration (though maybe this failure is deliberate? - again though, another topic). So how does Russia manage?

Bonus material.

The following image is an outtake from the video. I was going to include a joke about Mexicans looking quite similar to Japanese people, but feared it could possibly be taken the wrong way XD . Plus I couldn't quite work it into the narrative. It's a good place to finish this article though as my next one will probably include a look at the native populations on both sides of the Pacific divide.

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