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Earth Agnostic: Russian YouTubers Question The World Map

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about an old map that appeared to show America joined to the Asian continent. I came across that map on a Russian language YouTube video. Since then I've been looking further into the Russian YouTube scene and have found more interesting material. What I'm going to share in this article comes from the following YouTube channel. Some of it is quite bizarre O_o

The overall view put forth on the channel, from what I've gathered with the help of Google Translate, goes something along the lines of this;

 - Some continents, including North America, are fake. However, there are other continents, that do exist, that have been hidden from us.

One map shown in many of the videos is this one;

(click to enlarge)

It appears to show North America fused with Asia, and South America wrapped around so it points towards the North Pole instead of the South. This is all surrounded by a ring - which includes Australia! The centre shows the classic quartet of islands separated by four rivers, famous from many of the older semi-apocryphal world maps. The top half then includes two brand new, hidden continents. These are lifted straight from a document that purports to show hidden lands discovered by Nazi Germany. Quite an imaginative, if bizarre amalgamation of ideas.

I'm not sure how the Russian labels on the hidden continents translate into English, however they're labelled Asgard and Liberia on the original Third Reich map, so I'm guessing it's similar on this map. I vaguely remember these "Nazi" maps from online discussions about Hollow Earth some time back. I've got a few articles open at the moment which I intend to read after I've finished writing this article to refresh my memory. I would imagine that the Nazi document is possibly some kind of fake or hoax, but it's worth having a re-look. Maybe it might surprise me.

Of course, it's possible that this very YouTube channel I'm looking into could be some kind of ruse or Russian language psyop. Though from what I can tell the guy seems perfectly sincere. Mind you he also shows the following map, which is perhaps even more extreme than the one shown above. Again though, a lot gets lost in translation, so maybe this map is more to illustrate a concept than to show the actual lay of the land as he sees it. Either way his videos are certainly entertaining.

The above maps aside the videos also share some quite interesting information. One thing I found quite curious was the following assertion.

In this above meme it states; "California and Vladivostok share one shore". It points out that both places have glass pebble beaches, and that this is evidence that they are part of the same coastline.

(A still from one of the videos showing the
shore of California on the left and the shore
of Vladivostok on right)

I had a quick search online and it turns out there are other places where this type of beach is common.

So the argument isn't quite as appealing as it first seems. However, it's still quite an interesting claim, and something I wasn't aware of. Another interesting claim made concerns pollution, with one video stating that pollution from factories in Norilsk, Russia was poisoning parts of Canada. So much so that fines were imposed upon the Russian factories. This is said to be proof that Canada is in fact much closer to Russia than the world map otherwise shows.

(A still from the video)

(A YouTube comment repeating the claim)

(A translation of the comment)

Finally, one more thing I found interesting was the way this YouTuber reinterprets old maps. He does this thing were he takes the world map - with the American continent on the left and the Eurasian continent on the right. Then he cuts the map in half and moves the left hand side over to the right, showing that they often fit quite perfectly. I'll show a few examples below.

(An original map - apologies for
the poor resolution)

(The same map with its left half moved to the right)

(Another, quite strange map)

(The same map with its left hand side moved
across to the right)

In the bottom example even the angel's wings match up. Quite fascinating. He does this with quite a few different maps to varying effect. Sadly it's difficult to completely follow the claims he seems to be making due to the language barrier. The gist seems to be that this "splitting" of the landmass was a deliberate ploy of some sort.

I'll definitely have to keep an eye on this persons work. Hopefully I'll find more YouTubers discussing such topics. He often mentions the work of bloggers in his videos too (if I'm following the translations properly). So it would be interesting if I could discover those too. Maybe they might be a little easier to translate. Either way it seems we now have Russians questioning the world map in Russian language videos and blogs, and South Koreans questioning the history of such maps in Korean language blogs and videos. Highly interesting :)

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