Sunday, August 13, 2017

EARTH HOAX; Korean Revisionism

Just a short post, mainly to make reference to some other research that may be of importance. It comes from Korea and tallies quite well with what I've been looking at here.

The research can be found on the following blog.

The Arctic and the Arctic Sea, proving the `Arctic Sea` is the North Sea of ​​COREA with icebergs

The blog is in Korean so Google Translate will help :)

I'll flesh out their general theory below;-

After studying old maps and looking at anomalies in Korean history they've come to the conclusion that many places have been "moved" on the world map. For instance, they point out that on all the older maps Mongolia is located in the north east of Asia, next to the Arctic Ocean. As opposed to its current location in the centre of East Asia.
They also claim that pre-1700 the American and Asian continents were still joined together, and that they've only recently been separated in the last three centuries. One potential cause being the deliberate creation of a "canal" joining the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific.
Their general view is that world history regarding this part of the world has been fabricated or suppressed in order to disenfranchise the people of Korea, who were once in possession of a much larger share of the Earth's territory.

In the map below they provide an illustration of how places on the world map may have been shifted.

From what I've read so far they don't seem to be questioning the current world map, only the history of the world map. They don't yet have the same luxury I have of simply dismissing all the satellite images "proving" the lay of the land :)

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