Thursday, March 1, 2012

John Wycliffe was a Teessider

I’ve just found out that John Wycliffe, the instigator of the Lollard movement, was a Teessider! He was born in Ipreswell (modern Hipswell), in North Yorkshire, not far from the river Tees. (Interesting to note that we helped give birth to the Reformation.) Wycliffe was also responsible for the first ever translation of the Bible into English.

I came across this little titbit when I was searching for links between Yorkshire and the Bible. Someone recently pointed out to me that Yorkshire folk speak in quite a biblical manner - thou hast, I tell thee, etc. Last of the Summer Wine is a good example - I tell thee Nora Batty! Anyhow, good to know that a local boy played such a big part in defeating the Antichrist. Long live Yorkshire.

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