Monday, April 2, 2012

The Two Pence Piece Value

Normally at the start of each month I begin by making note of the value of the copper in a two pence piece and the copper/nickel in a five pence piece. However, I'm going to knock this on the head now - mainly because I'm starting to annoy myself. I'm still interested in the relationship between coins, metal values and inflation so I'll keep an eye on things, but in future I'll only post if I've got an opinion or some commentary to go with it.

I should also mention that last month was the first month I received 5p coins minted in 2012 in my change. They're magnetic, so I guess the government (or whoever it is that decides these things) has decided to switch from copper-nickel to steel. It's amazing how quietly this has happened. Not much mention of it in the media or in general conversation. I guess coins are becoming increasingly less important.

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