Saturday, July 30, 2011

Roseberry Topping - The Tomb of Osiris?

Just came across this post on a message board;
American archiologist Dr Josh Bernstein is coming to Teesside in search of King Osiris' tomb. It is to be a the showcase hour long episode of a seven part documentary titled “The Seven Lost Wonders”, to be aired on the Discovery channel Winter 2009. The show came about when Dr Bernstein uncovered within the writings of Alfred Vincent Kidder a detailed description of a 3000-year-old pyramid ruins lay under the area that is now Roseberry Topping.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything else about this topic. Did this documentary ever air? Seems like a really interesting idea. Maybe I'll be able to find the writings of Alfred Vincent Kidder somewhere.


  1. I've not heard of this earlier pyramid Neil but you may find this post interesting which i did in2008 but have updated on this site about about 19thC Stokesley born George Markham Tweddell (poet, printer, publisher, Chartist, people's historian - you'll find him interesting). In relation to Topping though - Stockton historian Rev Brewster proposed a pyramid be built on Topping to Captain Cook (obviously they settled for the obelisk on Easby moor instead!). I followed the proposal through and its quite surprising!

  2. Thanks for your comment ...and for the link, a fascinating article. So much to think about. That someone actually thought of building a pyramid on Roseberry Topping is amazing. I think our local history is an as yet untapped goldmine.

  3. Yes it certainly is a goldmine and Tweddell is a good portal into quite a lot of I've found. I was involved with developing the Creative writing scene in the area and Tweddell's Bards and Authors of Cleveland and William Hall Burnett's Old Cleveland - Local writers made me realise the area is no cultural desert - these out of print books suggest that the English literary canon had some of its beginnings in this area with the Celtic bard Anuerin in Catterick, beowulf and Caedon. The books are free downloads on the site on the relevant post. It would be interesting to know what the sources for the earlier pyramid are!