Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Tudor Princes xD

Thought I'd mention my music/band on here today. I haven't mentioned it before and felt it was time to give it a little airtime. It's going pretty well, but as ever with new bands and music it's a little bit lost in the internet wilderness, struggling for light. So much so that I'm sharing it on a blog that's also struggling for light xD

It at least gives me a chance to explain the band name though. I haven't explained it to people in 'real-life' yet as it seems a little bit off-piste for them. I generally just say "oh, it's just a word we've made up".

The original name was going to be The Tudor Princes - after 'Prince Tudor theory', a theory that holds that Queen Elizabeth the First actually produced children. I was reading a lot about this at the time. However, I got bored with that so it morphed into The Tudahs. The Tudor Princes also sounded a little bit highbrow for an indie band from Teesside.

Of course, on this blog I've mentioned the word Tudor before, and how it's cognate with words like Dieu, Jew, Judah, Teuton (as in Teutonic), Tiw (the god that gives us the name Tues-day), Theo (meaning godly), and even possibly the words David and Druid. They all vaguely mean God or godly, so I guess we're trying to tap into some sense of godly power or royal greatness. The music's a bit more down to earth though I guess.


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