Sunday, March 10, 2019

Civilisation Judas - Contents Page

This page is essentially the homepage for the first draft of a book I've been working on. It's titled Civilisation Judas, and is more or less a revision of the history of western civilisation. Particularly with regard to the religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It's quite a speculative work, and is pretty much a collation of my own thoughts and opinions. I think of it as an "ideas" book, and don't regard it as the definitive or "correct" version of history. Nor am I especially wedded to the perspectives it presents.

In fact, as I state at times in the book, I don't really believe there ever can be any genuine sort of definitive history. Only more or less probable scenarios and timelines. Scenarios and timelines that we can only ever ascribe a likelihood to. A likelihood that to some degree will always be somewhat subjective to the person making it. I do however hope that the book presents some interesting and novel viewpoints, which readers will take value from.

I should also mention that, as ever with viewpoints, especially viewpoints about religion or culture, there will no doubt be some in the book that people disagree with. Or that even cause offence to some people. Though I don't mind people taking offence, it was never my intention. So if you do take issue with anything written please bear that in mind. Again, these are just my thoughts and opinions, so it's perfectly cool if you disagree with them. Even strongly. Likewise if you do have any criticism feel free to leave it in the comments below.


1. The Other Aristocracy
2. Judas of the North
3. Juropean or Middle Eastern
4. Ancient Avatars of the Medieval World
5. Port of the Gauls
6. Slavery Central
7. Rent and Mortgage
8. Written Law vs Natural Law
9. Uncivilisation Jesus
10. The Mother vs The State

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