Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Old artwork and engravings, 1857.

I haven't done a post like this on this blog for a long time. I used to always be digging around in old journals on Google Books and whatnot, but not so much these days. Anyway, I was looking for information relating to something a few days ago and I came across this journal;

https://books.google.co.uk - The art journal London, Volume 3. 1857.

It contained lots of interesting, and quite beautiful, artwork, which I thought was worth sharing.

Firstly we have the cover.

(click to enlarge)

I'll now go through some of the others I liked.

(Approach to the Greek court)

(Beatrici Cenci)



(Cupid and Psyche)

(The door of Medmenham Abbey)

I think the text above the entrance in that last one translates as "do whatever you want". This would be quite fitting as Medmenham Abbey was said to be the home of the famous Hellfire Club.



(A group of decorated Worchester enamels)

(An engraving of a bust of
Her Majesty Queen Victoria)

(Love Pursuing the Soul)

(Masks of Thames and Isis)

(A presentation claret jug)

(Psyche borne by Zephyrus)


(Roman scroll and figure
carved ornamentation)


(The Beauty of Albano)

(The Countess Victoria Gouramma of Coorg)

(The disgrace of Cardinal Wolsey)

Note Henry VIII, with his back to camera, in classic theatrical stance.

(The Fruit Gatherer)

(The Hunter)

(The Huntress)

(The Maid of Saragossa)

(The Sea Cave)

(The Syrens)

Brilliant images.

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