Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess of the Illuminati

I’ve just noticed that the words, ‘Princess of the Illuminati,’ are scrawled, tongue in cheek, on a piece of paper in Rihanna’s video for the song ‘S&M.’ I sure I’m not the first to notice this. Anyway, I’ve got to say I really like the way esoteric symbolism is being used in pop videos these days. If this is what music looks like in the 21st century, I’m a fan.

Kanye West’s epic video, ‘Runaway,’ is particularly good. In fact, it’s amazing what’s happened in rap music recently. It used to be just dollar signs, guns and marijuana, now it’s the Eye of Horus and the death and rebirth of the Phoenix. Interesting times.

Jay-Z’s a Freemason, supposedly. Lady Gaga a puppet of the New World Order - the fact that the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables were leaked via an erased Lady Gaga CD seems particularly apt actually.

Personally, I’d be surprised if members of the Illuminati are sitting round watching pop and rap videos - assuming such people even exist. But still, it’s all quite interesting, and the music of our times seems a lot richer for the association. Long may it continue.

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