Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oink - A Phonetic Alphabet (Homepage)

I think it's about time I created a central homepage for all my posts looking at the alphabet, so this is it. Just a list of links really, but handy all the same.

Constellation Consonants - Parts 1 - 9

Constellation Consonants - Part 2 - X

Constellation Consonants - Part 3 - V

Constellation Consonants - Part 4 - C

Konstellation Konsonants - Part 5 - Q

Konstellation Konsonants - Part 6 - J

Konstellation Konsonants - Part 7 - B

Konstellation Konsonants - Part 8 - G

Konstellation Konsonants - Part 9 - D

More Recent Posts

The Twelve Sacred Consonants - Part 1

The Twelve Sacred Consonants - Part 2 - The "Push" Problem Solved

The Twelve Sacred Consonants - Part 3 - The "Push" Consonant Trial

How Many Vowel Sounds Do We Actually Need To Represent?

The Seven Sacred Vowels Investigated

The Seven Sacred Vowels Continued..

The Vowel Sounds Compared

Consonants & Vowels: Taking Stock

Cataloguing the Mechanics of the Consonants

The Ten Vowel Sounds in the English Alphabet: Update

The Nasal "Back of the Mouth" N Sound

The 17/13 Alphabet - 1st Trial

The 17/13 Alphabet - 2nd Trial

Oink: A Phonetic Alphabet. Vowels Given Notation

Oink - A Phonetic Alphabet: The Full Alphabet

The Letter "S" - Another "Push" Consonant

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